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      Right now, we are taking food orders this way:
1. Inside the store with a walk thru set up. There are outdoor picnic tables or basement indoor seating available. Card payments only allowed as well as the wearing of mask in the store.
2. Orders can be placed online at:ORDER NOW
Online orders will be run to the front and sides of the store in the picnic areas, so please wait outside to listen for your name to be called for pick up.
(We are not taking food orders by phone due to the difficulty of hearing with mask on and also since there is very poor phone services in the area.)
Note: On weekends and some weekdays they may be more than a 30 minute wait time, so if you are in a rush you can ask at the registers what the wait time will be, if it looks like we are really busy when you come.
We have put in place safety practices for our workers and customers according to the CDC guidelines.
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