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Miguels Pizza Catering


If you are within a 10 mile radius of Miguels Pizza

you can have your special event catered.

You just have to fill out the catering form link to order.

This form will ask you for your event and contact information.

You will then be able to pick from over 40 topping choices to custom order.

For  added convenience you will be able to fill out your order form for submission.

Once you form is submitted call us at 859-421-2597 with your card info so we can charge your card and finalize your order.

You will received either a phone text or email receipt depending on your card settings.

If you want to make changes to your order please refill  a form out and resubmit it.

What can I order?

You can choose from 40 topping choices to custom make your pizzas by filling out

individual pizzas tickets.There is a limit of 4 toppings for each item ordered.

Theres is a drop down option if you want multiples of the

same type of pizzas like 2 pepperoni pizzas for example.

You can also choose from the same 40 toppings list to create large party size trays of fresh salads,

pasta ,rice or potato baked cassaroles or Miguels homemade fresh bread.

Drinks and party supplies like plates napkin and plastic silverware are available

How big are the party size trays?

The trays are full size aluminum foodservice trays.

Foil trays:  top measures 12 7/8 wide,20 3/4 long , 3 5/6 deep

  bottom measures 9 7/8 wide 17 5/8 long


How do I know how many pizzas to order?

3 slices per guest on average is suggested.

If you are also order salads, oven dishes or bread then maybe less than 3 slices.

The pizza can be order in quantites as low as 10 pizzas up to 80  depending on your group size.

Can I order gluten free pizza?

Yes we have gluten free crust but they are half sized so you will get 2 ,

so on the order form you will mark one pizza but you will actually get 2 smaller sized ones.

Can I custom order?

Yes thats our specialty.Pick from many options like BBQ sauce base  or extra sauce etc.

There is an extra text space on the bottom of each item to allow you to write in any special request.


Will you deliver?

Yes if your event is within 10 miles we will deliver at the time you request at your event site.

We suggest that you tell us a set time for delivery but you are welcome to call and

change the time last minute to be sooner or later depending on

how your event timing is going .


Are there any extra charges?

The prices listed on the order form include your food,your delivery and any supplies you need.

The only extra charges are a 6% sales tax and a 20% gratuity added.


When do I have to pay?

Payment is due when you order.

We accept visa,master card,discover or american express card payments.

  If you want to pay cash  you can submit your order and come by the store to pay.


When do I have to order?

If you are ordering 1o or 15 pizzas you can order as late as the day of your event

as we are used to big crowds showing up but we would prefer more notice.

With larger orders we need a weeks notice to be sure we have enough supplies ordered in.

Do you have any good topping combinations?

Well generally we suggest you look through the topping  list and see what sounds appealing to you.

Some of our favorites are:

Ham ,bacon and pineapple

Spinach ,kalamata olive ,feta and tomato

Black bean,corn , mango salsa and fresh cilantro

 Pasta spirals meatballs green olive and fresh basil

Roast pork,baked sweet potato,red onions and green peppers

BBQ base ,chicken breast,green pepper and onions

Note: You could even have your guests select their toppings.






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